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  1. Tracy Frederick says:

    Thank you for this insight. It is easy to forget that people are so busy these days and they want a “hurry up” approach to everything and this includes reading. Writing clean can be just as powerful without losing the vision of what is being said. I’m off to do some cleaning and weeding!
    Tracy Frederick

    1. Hi Tracy,

      Happy weeding! I like what you said about still not losing the vision! Our hurry-up society can be a little challenging, especially if we – as many writers are – people who ponder, think and take a little slower approach. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow! This was super helpful! I am guilty of all of these habits! I’m excited to try this new trick! Thank you!

  3. Hi Kaitlin, Glad it was helpful! I am guilty of using them, too, something I noticed more after I wrote the blog post. I’m trying to use them less frequently, especially the intensifiers. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Jennifer Muller says:

    Good stuff! Be sure to edit just enough. We don’t want to pull flowers out with the weeds! I’m new to editing and was a little too ruthless with my latest piece. When I sent it to my friend for review, she said, “the Spirit isn’t there.” She was right! I had edited Him out.

    1. mel chitwood says:

      This is a great reminder to listen to the Holy Spirit as we write. I think we can be hard on ourselves, don’t you? I’m glad you had someone read and review. We need to be reminded to be true to ourselves and the Spirit’s leading! I think I’ll blog a bit about this in coming weeks. Thanks again!

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