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  1. When do we put quotation marks inside a period or question mark?

    1. Great question! Periods (and commas) inside quotation marks. For example: Lucy said, “I wish I had a new dress for the dance.” Question marks (exclamations) go inside or outside of the quotation marks depending on how they’re used. If a question mark is a part of the material being quoted, then the question mark goes inside quotation marks. For example: Lucy asked, “Can I buy I new dress for the dance?” Otherwise, the question mark goes outside the question marks. For example: Did he really just say, “I want to take you to the dance”?
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  2. Ending a sentence with a preposition is ingrained in my brain, too! Oh, it is so hard to break that one. Thank you for permission, Melanie. I actually feel as though writing will be a little easier.

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