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  1. Jennifer Muller says:

    Thanks for this. I’m so used to using a comma with every conjunction (Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?), not using it looks unnatural to me.

    I hope you’ll do a post on serial commas! Google gives me conflicting results.

    1. Ah…memories of Schoolhouse Rock! Yes, I’ll definitely do a post on serial commas! Good idea!

  2. Susan Daugherty says:

    Thanks for the clear explanation, the examples, and the quiz. Great teaching!

    I had a vague understanding of punctuation for coordinating conjunctions, but now I am more confident! : )

  3. Thanks, Susan. I’m glad it helped!

  4. Love this! I can now wrangle my commas to their proper place!
    One punctuation rule I struggle to understand is the use of the semicolon. Is it similar to the comma rule you shared?

  5. Hey Charla, I’ll post about semicolons too. But basically a semicolon joins two related sentences. For example:
    The crow cawed, and the chickadee chattered.
    The crow cawed; the chickadee chattered.
    Note how you take out the comma and the coordinating conjunction to join with semicolon.


  6. Oh boy! This took me back to sixth grade Language Arts class! Such a great reminder!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, and for me that’s way, way back!

    1. Hi Amanda, Glad they helped! Good to see you here!

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