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  1. Love this perspective. We often think about giving forgiveness and grace to others but yet don’t apply that to ourselves. Next time that thought keep up I’ll remember your words, I’m doing the best I can! Love it Mel!!

  2. RENE MANNERS says:

    Mel, what a great blog. I am very, very hard on myself and I don’t recall ever saying that phrase to myself. Especially reflecting back on parenting my sons in a difficult marriage, or currently navigating a strained relationship with my adult son battling addiction. I feel responsible and such a failure at times. When I hear my loved ones tell me you did the best you could given your circumstances, I just nod my head. I will reflect on your message and ask the Lord to help me receive the precious gift of grace.

  3. In today’s world we’re expected to be super productive at work, keep our homes looking like Martha Stuart, take care of all our family’s needs AND keep a smile on our face. There’s SOOOOO much pressure to do it ALL and when you can’t, we’ll, I know I feel like a complete and utter failure. I am where you are, broken down mentally and physically. I hope to learn how to heal in a healthy way, through God’s grace, starting with “I did the best I could.”

  4. Thank you so much, Jenny, for stopping by and for your truthful words. A friend said to me literally yesterday how damaging expectations can be. Sometimes they come from others, sometimes from ourselves. But most times they can be a heavy weight. Prayers for healing together.

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