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  1. This is so good! I recently wrote a vulnerable social media post – and as I went to delete it I paused. The Holy Spirit was like, “Nope! This is good.” so I hit publish and didn’t look back. Thank you for writing this series. I’m emboldened to walk the path of vulnerability. ❤️

    1. Hi Jenni,
      Good for you for being obedient!
      Yes, it’s so hard but it does feel good when we’re obedient! Along with feeling scary!
      Thanks for being here!

  2. This post felt like you’d been a fly on my wall. I recently shared with a group of writers how I think I fell away from my writing because I became ashamed of sharing the same challenges over and over. I was being vulnerable, as I’ve always felt it’s the best way to be as a writer. But I became frozen with fear of what people would think of me and the thorns in my side. Thank you for this reminder to press through the discomfort, as the Lord leads, be vulnerable, and share my stories. It never fails. When I do so, someone can always relate.

  3. Hi Monica,
    Well said! Yes, I understand that feeling of being ashamed. I’ve been writing about biblical self-care on my personal blog (also and some of the things I’m writing about I’ve struggled with for years. So I understand that feeling! I love that Psalm 62:8 tells us to “pour out our hearts to Him.”
    Thanks for being here.

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