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  1. Your Powerful Prayers (Reaching the Heart of God with a Bold and Humble Faith) by Susie Larson. Not a new book (2016) but the first time I’m reading it. It’s a faith-builder with a prayer at the end of each chapter. Here’s a snippet from the prayer in chapter two: “May I lean in and learn, draw deep and trust, and pray hard and believe, because You are here with me, You are true to Your Word, and in due time I will see a breakthrough.”

    1. Thanks, Rose. I am a Susie Larson fan – and I love that snippet! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for these recommendations, Melanie! I lead a book club on my ministry page and I’m always looking for suggestions – especially in fiction because I read less of that and sometimes have a hard time picking a good selection. We just finished “Dear Mr. Knightley” by Katherine Reay who I “met” through the Flourish Writers Conference. Now we are reading “Finding Spiritual Whitespace” by Bonnie Gray (also from the Flourish Conference). All of your suggestions and support have helped me grow and expand. Thank you!

    1. Hi Angie, Thank you for the recommendations! What a fun thing to have on your website! Honestly, fiction is my love, but I do have a hard time finding Christian fiction I love. The Two Steps series is so good because it’s well-written, love the characters and there’s so much to learn about spiritual growth and to apply to our lives.

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