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  1. I get up 2 hours before I have to leave for work. I open my Bible, my devotions and my computer. Almost every morning I write (which is 4-5 days a week), God places on my heart exactly what I should write about. I write my blog and don’t edit…….just write. Then I add a picture and/or a Bible verse that I believe He wants me to add, hit SAVE, and then re-read. I believe because I am honoring God with my writing that He continues to give me content. I love the quiet stillness of the morning when it’s still dark outside, no one else is up and it’s just me and Him………

  2. I love that last tip, end in a good place. I like the idea of ending where I can easily pick up both the idea and the momentum the next day and keep going. And I really love the idea of leaving myself some notes to reignite the enthusiasm and the flow of thought the next time. I tend to spend a good bit of my writing time going back and reading over what I had previously written in order to get going again. A few notes might shorten that process considerably. Thanks!

  3. Deanna and Kay, Thanks for stopping by and for your input! Deanna, sounds like we’re on the same schedule!

  4. Yes, I have to say the comment about leaving the writing in a good spot is detrimental to my sanity. My problem is, I have no problem quickly whipping out a thousand words, but the amount of time I spend on editing and re-editing and editing again, not only does the content change, but I have driven myself crazy mad in the process. That breaking up with perfection thing gets even us Grammy Tammy’s!
    Thanks for the suggestions, Beautiful Beloveds. These are great tools to be equipped with!

  5. Your welcome, and keep writing! God honors your hard work for Him!

  6. Charla Matthews says:

    Great wisdom and guidance! I’m an internal processing night owl. My best writing occurs late at night into the wee hours of a new day. Ther’s a problem with that schedule. I have a day job. Through prayer and determined effort, I was converted. These days, I rise early enough to follow a prayer and writing routine, which allows fresh morning words to populate the white space of my computer screen. “End at a good place” is a necessity for me. If I don’t find a comfortable place to cease tapping the keys, my mind will struggle to move to the next task. The more I write, the more I sense the ability to find closure of thought. Thank you, Melanie!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! It’s so interesting that you were such a night owl but switched. Awesome that you are faithful to write!

  7. I had no idea when to stop when I first began to write. Even though I’ve already written a thousand words, should I keep going or should I address the spelling mistakes that are gazing at me? I experimented with both methods, making modifications as I registered and waiting for editing. I realized that typing incessantly and first emptying my mind helped me write better and faster. If I edited or spellchecked while writing, I lost the creative flow.

    1. Hi George,
      Yes, writing and editing are two different skills! I generally write a chapter, or what might be a chapter,
      and then go back and revise and edit.
      So I agree! Editing stops the flow!

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