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  1. This is perfect. Just last night I told myself: “what am I really thinking?!? I am no writer! ” But still this thing on my heart is too strong to just let it go. But I am no writer. I will just leave it to the Lord!

    1. If it’s on your heart, it’s there for a reason! That’s one of the ways God “speaks” to us, not letting us be free of something. Prayed for you right now. Keep writing! It will be fun, challenging, and rewarding to see where God takes you! And you can always get an editor to help you with that writing part:)

      1. Thank you so much for your prayer and encouragement. 🙂

  2. This is timely encouragement! I have been feeling paralyzed by the accumulation of criticism that comes to anyone who is in a position of leadership. I feel vulnerable and weary of putting anything “out there”. I especially appreciate Psalm 27:1.

    1. Yes, when we put ourselves out there, we are so vulnerable, aren’t we? It’s so easy to criticize from the backseat. I prayed for you right now, that you would be renewed and refreshed. Thank you for your obedience. God sees you. I’ll write more about this next week!

  3. Thanks, Melanie for this “just at the right time” post. I have been fighting discouragement and you reminded me it’s because my eyes are on the wrong things. Writing is for Jesus and through him, but he loves me no matter how the words are (or are not) flowing. Choosing to rest in him!

    1. Hi Sue, Good to hear from you! I pray right now that the lie of discouragement flies off you! I love what you said – writing is for Jesus. Such a good reminder. Just like you, I’m finding that when I confess believing the lie that I have to perform, then abiding in Him becomes the only place I want to be.

      1. Thank you for your generosity in encouraging other writers. Your guidance and your confidence in me has been a game changer.

        1. That means a lot, Sue! Thank you!

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