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  1. Blessings to you and your family, Melanie. I feel as though I can almost hear the beating of your heart in this post. Intimate and engaging, friend. Praying you y’all.

    1. Thanks you so much for your prayers. It’s a reminder we need so often.

  2. I needed this today- to have my eyes opened to the sacredness of the between time. Thank you Melanie. And I’m praying for your heart and your mom.

    1. Thank you Kristen. It must be a human thing-to look behind and ahead but need to practice the now.

  3. I needed this too, Melanie. Thank you. I’m praying to see and enjoy the beauty of the in between and I love how you’ve inspired me through your own beautiful but difficult experience. Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate your son and pray for your mom’s health.

  4. Melanie,
    Thank you so much for this reflection, I can relate on so many levels. This in between place can be unsettling and difficult. I think acknowledging that we are in such a space is so helpful, and you have given us a guide as you write from in the midst of this place. Thank you so much! ❤️

  5. Beautiful words. Thank you for reminding me that God has a plan and the waiting is the in between time for me.

  6. What beautiful writing.
    Today I was just thinking about how I am always working to the “next thing” and missing what used to be. I am always afraid I won’t get it done in time. What is “it” and who sets this “time”? I’m talking crazy things like a decluttered house and a successful career and what people will remember about me when I’m gone. CRAZY stuff!! It all matters but it only matters if I enjoy the “between”. Oh … your words could not have come to me at a better time. Thank you.

    1. Melanie Chitwood says:

      I am so glad! Thank you for sharing. Praying rest and presence today for you.

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