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  1. Great examples of “powerful hooks”! I so enjoy getting hooked 🙂 I am amazed when I come up with one myself! This part of writing is essential and quite challenging. Thank you for another great teaching, Melanie!

  2. Proud of you learning and applying your new skills, Charla!!!

  3. Thank you for being so thorough as you share your expertise with us, Melany!

    The place I often get stuck, when it comes to a hook (or an entire story for that matter), is I either think “This story is amazing to me but will anyone else think so?” Or I’m so familiar with the story I think, “Oh it’s nothing. It happens to everyone.” Can you relate?

    Looking forward to next week’s post! You girls are amazing!

    1. “Melanie” not “Melany”…. So sorry!

      1. Hi Rose, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment! I do understand, but think about how ordinary/typical my little story is at the start of my sample devotion. Most of moments in life are pretty ordinary, truthfully. The key is seeing God even in the ordinary, and then teaching your audience to see the same.
        Blessings, Melanie

        1. Thanks! That was helpful!

          1. Great!

          2. Thank you for stopping by!

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