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  1. Amen, Melanie. Thank you for sharing this truth from your journey. You know part of my own awkward steps toward God’s call to share my writing. I know many say these words, but I pray the truth of them are not lost, “I needed to read your words, today.” Enjoy your day, friend!

    1. And I needed to hear them. I do not take them lightly, so thank you!

  2. Jana Smith says:

    Thank you, Melanie, for this message. Like you, I have been struggling with writing as a ministry. It is remarkable how similar our journeys are. Although I am not 40, I have been toying with the idea of writing for almost 40 years! Yes, it is time to ‘go north’. I have ‘journaled’ for most of my adult years. I love to lead Bible studies and see others grow in their faith.

    However, doubt has often assailed me. Who am I to write? Who am I to give guidance and direction? These thoughts have plagued me for a number of years. So, instead, I turned to fiction. It was not a huge leap, as I have had ‘stories’ in my head, so to speak, my entire life, and I mean that. Even as a child, I had stories. Now, I hope I can minister to others through my stories.

    Thank you for your posts/e-mails. I find them refreshing, informative, stimulating and empowering.

    God bless,

    1. I’m so glad you’re finding them to be encouraging, Jana!

  3. Melanie,
    I found your post long after you posted it and I think the Lord meant for me to find it at this junction in my life. See, I have been working on my memoir for several years, diligently writing every day, but also running a family business. Then, my elderly father moved closer and then my health took a turn for the worse. It isn’t a good diagnosis and I have been discouraged as I will have to turn a lot of my attention to other things to preserve my health and I am at the point (literally about half-way through my writing my memoir) that I may have to abandon it. The struggle to write is painful. I’m in physical therapy as well. I have semi-retired to accommodate all these new things in my life, including tending to my father, which had been in our plan for several years but this year everything hit like a perfect storm and I’m questioning if I should just stop. I will have a life-long condition, and possibly a painful one, but I have felt since I was 18 I had to write this book. I am now 58. That is forty years….so that is why I feel your post struck a cord with me. I know this memoir is needed out in the world, but fatigue, pain and a new diagnosis has me doubting. But after reading this post, I will try for 15 min. a day. I pray the Lord will encourage my heart, despite so many setbacks.

    1. We’re praying with you, Lisa!

  4. Thank you so much. I would really appreciate to have a 15 minutes consultation with you. I have been writing a journal about the wonders of some bible characters and how it has helped me in my own spiritual journey. I would so like to share and help people. It’s a bit challenging though, in this world of today. Fear, doubt kept me from trying.

    1. Hi Myriam,
      I’m so sorry for the late reply!

      I am away from 3/20 to 3/28. I am available for a 15-minute phone conversation Wednesday, 3/29 or Thursdays 3/30 between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. ET or later in the day.

      Will you please send me your email address and I’ll respond there as well?

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