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  1. Congratulations, Leslie! Beautiful sentiments and Biblical reminders. You have a gifted way with words.

  2. I can truly relate to keeping my hopes low to avoid disappointment and failure. Thank you for putting words to my unnamed fear – and showing a way out!

    1. Oh, Amy, I know that fear so well! I pray that you’ll hear and heed His call to go ahead and hope…to expect more. You never know what adventures He’s prepared for you!

  3. This is beautiful. Love your metaphors. Like you, I grew up with lowered hopes. So low I expected very little and was thankful for each little thing. All my childhood I heard, “It could be worse, so be thankful for what you have. I grew up grateful, but not hoping or dreaming. You are right, God delights in giving us hope and blessing us. His hope is contagious and genuine and we can trust it.

    1. Well said, Theresa. Aren’t you glad He invites us outside the boundaries of our own self-protection into His wild abundance?

    2. Well said, Theresa. Aren’t you glad He’s invited us beyond our stingy boundaries of self-protection into His wild abundance?

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